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Statement Accompanying Precept

06 December 2021


To All and Singular,

Burlescombe Parish Council is a civil local authority and an elected corporate body. It carries out beneficial public activities and receives the majority of its funding by levying a precept upon the council tax paid by the residents of the parish covered by the council.

In the financial year ending March 31st, 2021, Burlescombe Parish Council had accrued expenditure equal to 29% greater than the year before. This was composed of extraordinary costs and increased maintenance costs arising from works carried out being completed in the financial year taking place; for example, at Bray Close, Park Wood and the public space known as the Old Railway Line.

In addition to this, the Council has commissioned new noticeboards across Appledore, Burlescombe and Westleigh in response to consultation responses and petitions received from the community. We have also continued to support applications for grants and support causes through our collaborative work within the community, in addition to advancing our distributed democracy first model through continued investment in digital transformation.

Taken together, this has led the Council to increase the previous budget of £11,950.00 to £15,900.00 (equal to a 29% increase year-on-year). In practical terms, this will lead to Band D properties, for example, seeing their monthly bill rise from £2.79 to £3.93 (equal to a £1.14 per calendar month increase year-on-year).

As a Council, we operate democratically and transparently. Our financial reports are easily accessible online, including the latest 2022-2023 precept report and we welcome any and all comments.

Yours faithfully,

Lewis Worrow

Chairman of Burlescombe Parish Council