Council Priorities and Initiatives

The Council is committed to representing and serving the residents of Burlescombe. Its key priorities include:

  1. Representation: Actively voicing the concerns and interests of Burlescombe residents.
  2. Essential Services: Providing and maintaining community facilities, public areas, and parks.
  3. Community Development: Supporting initiatives that foster a vibrant and cohesive village environment.
  4. Planning and Development Control: Reviewing planning applications to align with the community’s vision and maintain its unique character.
  5. Financial Responsibility: Efficient allocation of resources for maximum community benefit.
  6. Collaboration: Partnering with local authorities to address common challenges for Burlescombe’s betterment.
  7. Community Engagement: Encouraging resident participation and feedback in council activities.

The Council adheres to Standing Orders to ensure efficient, transparent, and accountable operations. These guidelines include both legally mandated processes and council-specific choices.

The Council values community engagement, offering various forums and consultations for public input. This approach ensures that decisions reflect the community’s needs and aspirations.