Our Role in the Parish

Burlescombe Parish Council is an integral part of Canonsleigh, which includes Clayhanger, Hockworthy, Holcombe Rogus, Huntsham, and Sampford Peverell. Our primary responsibility is to provide and improve the essential services that meet the needs of our local community, while also representing their interests and enhancing their quality of life and well-being.

Located in Burlescombe, our Council is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of the village. Our Chairperson leads the Council, and our Parish Council meetings serve as our main decision-making forum.

Our commitment to creating a vibrant and flourishing community extends beyond Burlescombe. We strive to support a diverse and sustainable Mid Devon, which is a key part of a thriving South West region. By strengthening the connections, capacity, and character of Burlescombe, we serve the interests of people who live, work, and visit the area.

As a Council, we work tirelessly across private, public, and voluntary sectors to promote the interests of people and organisations in Burlescombe and the wider community. We play a vital role in local community affairs, both within and beyond the parish boundary.