Complete Schedule of Meetings

11 May 2023Council
26 June 2023Extraordinary MeetingAn Extraordinary Meeting has been scheduled by the Council for (i) the signing of accounts and (ii) a closed session held in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960.
17 August 2023Council
23 September 2023Council Advisory Board
2 November 2023CouncilBurlescombe Parish Council will be reviewing the proposed precept in this meeting, in accordance with the statutory requirements governing such matters.
4 January 2024Council Advisory Board
1 February 2024Council
2 May 2024Council
1 August 2024Council
7 November 2024Council
6 February 2025Council
1 May 2025Council
7 August 2025Council
6 November 2025Council
5 February 2026Council
7 May 2026Council
6 August 2026Council
5 November 2026Council
4 February 2027Council