Community Safety

Local policing teams are groups of officers dedicated to serving the community. Teams are made up of officers based in the area, supported by additional officers from the wider area. 

Teams work closely with local authorities, organisations, partners and residents to decide policing priorities. This helps teams find long-term solutions to local problems. 

Crime Levels Overview and Statistics

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Policing Priorities

Violence Against Women and Girls

Issued 12 January 2023

The appalling nation wide events, which have featured in both local and national news, rightly prioritises how society should listen to the concerns of women and girls. The tragedy’s and travesties which have dominated the minds of the public rightly guide our policing at every level.

We in Mid Devon, have been wholly engaged in making our society safer for all people, with a particular emphasis on the circumstances faced by women and girls. we are using a nationally available database, fed by reports from the public, about places and times when people feel unsafe; it’s called StreetSafe. As that data builds, we will be able to increasingly sharpen our tactical response to need. That data will be discussed with other agencies to assist us all in making the world a safer place.

In terms of the offences committed in the domestic lives of women and girls, our relentless focus on domestic violence continues to drive our deployments and resource allocation. We ensure that positive action is taken at every possible instance. We have a specialist team to investigate and drive prosecution and support services woven into that provision. We have governance and training which support our teams in ensuring a high level of sustained professionalism.

Operation Tarak: Tackling ‘County Lines’ Drug Crime in Mid Devon

Issued 12 January 2023

If you have concerns about any drug related issues in the area you live, keep reading…

The neighbourhood team are involved in Operation Tarak, a significant police effort to disrupt so called ‘County lines’ (the importation of Class A drugs into the city by Organised Crime Gangs, from larger cities in the UK) and the crime and disorder this creates.

Our activity, in partnership with other agencies and based on current intelligence, focuses on:

  • Patrolling the worst affected areas
  • Visiting vulnerable people at risk of being ‘cuckooed’ (individuals whose properties are taken over by drug gangs)
  • Stopping and searching drug dealers
  • Preventing young people from being used a dealers through education and diversion
  • Gathering as much information/intelligence as possible to achieve the aims above

Also, Operation Scorpion is the South West regional response to tackling drugs which was the focus at the start of December. Officers focussed on recreational drug use linked to the evening and night-time economy and the associated anti-social behaviour and crime. Local policing officers have been visiting local pubs and premises to speak with staff about drug use and supply. Posters have been placed in these locations and explain the consequences of drug use. 

Anti Social Behaviour Matters

Issued 12 January 2023

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) is still the focus on Neighbourhood teams across Mid Devon, with some key offenders being dealt with robustly through our early interventions.

ASB causes significant distress and we prioritise dealing with it as swiftly as possible.

Such behaviour includes  intimidation,  abusive language and public alcohol & drug use.

Our activity:

  • Seizing alcohol and drugs
  • Using stop and search powers
  • Dispersing problem groups
  • Identifying and arresting offenders
  • Using the ASB escalation powers (in conjunction with partners), to deal with offenders
  • Officer are proactively working together across Mid Devon to address these concerns and encourage members of the public to report any ASB.

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