Conservation Areas

What are they?

Conservation areas are areas with a special character or quality which should be preserved or enhanced. The special architectural and/or historic nature of the area derives from the cumulative impact of groups of buildings and spaces rather than due to a singular outstanding building.

Why designate?

Areas are designated as conservation areas to ensure the character is preserved or enhanced. This does not mean that no change or development can take place, but where changes do occur, they are appropriate for the context and setting of the area.

How does this affect me?

Within a conservation area, some works need permission. These include:

  • Works to trees over 75mm in diameter at 1.5metres above the ground;
  • Adding a satellite dish to your house on an elevation that faces the highway or a public open space;
  • Demolition of buildings or parts of buildings (in certain circumstances); and
  • Design standards will be higher where planning permission is required.

If you have any queries about when you might need planning permission within a conservation area, please contact one of the Conservation Officers or the planning department.

Conservation Area Location Map

Below is a link to the interactive map showing the location of the Conservation Areas in Mid Devon. You can click on the map or use your address to find out if you are in a Conservation Area.

Conservation Areas List

The list below shows the names of all the conservation areas in Burlescombe, the date they were designated, a location map of Listed Buildings and the conservation area boundary and, where applicable, a link to their associated Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans.

October 1994