Council Structure and Leadership

The Chairman of Burlescombe Parish Council is pivotal in leading the council’s meetings and decision-making processes. Elected from among the Councillors, they act as the public face of the Council, ensuring efficiency, order, and adherence to legal procedures. The Chairman also serves as the official spokesperson, representing the Council at various events and in interactions with local authorities and the public.

The current Chairman of Burlescombe Parish Council is: Cllr Doctor Lewis Worrow, FRSA, FZS, FRAI

Parish Councillors, elected by the community, are tasked with representing local interests and working towards community improvement. Their roles include participating in decision-making on local issues, setting budgets, overseeing spending, supporting community initiatives, and engaging with residents to gather feedback and promote community involvement.

The current sitting Councillors are: Cllr Mr David Worrow Snr AND Cllr Mr Luke Trevelyan

The Council’s decision-making process is collaborative and transparent. Regular public meetings form the platform for decision-making, where agenda items are discussed and debated. Decisions are made through voting, reflecting the collective will of the council. This process prioritises transparency and accountability, with detailed meeting minutes available to the public.

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